Why consider Somamate?

In the year 2016, we began the ChurchBlaze journey to transform the lives of pupils through Somamate - a new digital communication platform product for the global market.
Somamate uses low- cost mobile technology to give users educational lessons and assesments through SMS, the Web and Android platform APP.
It aims at creating a real-time communication channel between all the stakeholders in schools.
Somamate is essentially underpinned on certain core principles which are a basis to its aspirations to contribute in tackling the critical Social and Economic challenges in Kenya and abroad.

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Instant Alert & pop up messages

With the android platform APP, it ensures that Parents get real time notifications from the school regarding their children.

Biometric System

Through integration, the biometric system Provides timely alert to the school administration and parents whenever students check in and out of school

Low communication cost

Driving forward the economic empowerment of the nation, Somamate offers a low cost digital mode of communication, compared to the traditional mode of paper communication.

Record keeping

We influence innovation and best practice through our systems and ensures every organizations data is well organized, easily, accessible at a click of a button and ensures speedy retrieval of data.

Leave application

At Somamate we making a sustainable contribution towards the provision through our system which makes it easy for the parent to request for a leave from the school and get a real time response on the same.

Progress reports

The organization maintains a broad approach towards responding to the children’s welfare which makes it easier for the parent to be able to access their children’s report and monitor performance trend.

Who we are

Somamate is aware of its thematic areas of focus, partnerships offer and has several advantages which includes increased effectiveness, increased efficiency, stakeholder engagement and ownership. The foundation is therefore committed to forging the high impact public – private partnerships so as to leverage on new resources and expertise to expand the reach and impact of its work.

What somamate entails.

Somamate Demo.

Our Clients

Online School Accounting system

Our Somamate accounting system brings you all the eatures that you need to do the accounts in regards to fees payments,tracking expenses,fees balances among others.

Benefits of Somamate

1. Sustainability

This platform is hugely investing for a long term change to see that the education in schools is seamless from the pupil, the teacher and the parent by striving for sustainability in all areas of work.

2. Leveraging Mobile technology

Somamate strives to leverage mobile technology in order to increase the impact of effective communication platform.

3. Economic empowerment

This is to ensure that across all it’s programmme regions the investments made contribute to economically empower the people to eradicate poverty

Transport Management system

Somamate App comes with a full feature of transport where parents can track their sons and daughters on the move

Online exam assessment system

Our Somamate accounting system brings you a platform to angage lerners through quick exam tests.The features have: Time management - The lengthy formalities and processes involved in creating question papers, registering candidates for exams, answer sheet evaluation and declaration of results are completely eradicated with the online exam system.









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